Welcome to the Edmund Rice Retreat & Conference Centre

In Praise of Winbourne

A sense of serenity and close connection with nature have characterised “Winbourne” Mulgoa from the time the Cox family, back in the 1820’s, established a farm here and subsequently throughout its various uses until now.

A place surrounded by gentle hills and beautiful trees and situated at the foothills of the Blue Mountains, it has provided a retreat from the noise and pollution of Sydney while at the same time being conveniently close to Penrith and some busy highways. As a Retreat and Conference Centre it attracts many groups diverse in age and purpose, many of whom return each year . They do so because the sights and sounds of the flora and fauna induce reflectiveness, and guests are relaxed by the hospitality of the place, the quality of the catering and facilities, are thus enabled to immerse themselves in their various intellectual, spiritual or physical pursuits. Its winter has a crispness gentler than the Mountains and in summer a dry heat, any excesses of both of course are modulated by the facilities.

The Centre has preserved several of the buildings dating back to the time of the pioneering Cox family but juxtaposed them also with modern structures that do not detract from the sense of its historical connections with the earlier pioneering days of the early 19th century. The modern mingles with memories of the past and combines to create an atmosphere of serenity and peace that is balm for many a weary refugee from the hectic pace of life in the 21st century.

Groups & Functions

  • School self run retreats
  • Staff spirituality days
  • School day groups
  • Church groups
  • Professional groups
  • Sporting groups
  • Reflective groups
  • Special occasions
  • Hermitage available for single retreat

Other Facilities

  • Disabled access throughout the Centre
  • On site parking
  • Picnic & BBQ facilities available on the grounds
  • Laundry facilities available
  • Sporting Oval, Tennis, Basketball & Handball Courts
  • Serene surroundings
  • Labyrinth

Our Testimonials

"Any time spent at Winbourne is 'kairos', a favorable time, an escape into a reality far more present than the chronological race in which we're normally mired. For the last fifteen years we've been taking successive Year 12 Retreat groups into the healing, challenging, transforming opportunity that Winbourne offers. So many of those young women and men readily attest that this is the experience that's been personally pivotal as they move from school to adult life."

Mark Sattler

R.E.C. | St. Columba's Catholic College Springwood